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A Venue for Every Occasion

Your satisfaction is our business

Nestled on the shoreline of the Half Moon Bay, a true beach front getaway awaits business delegates or families and children.

Whether it is business or pleasure, we have the venue, expertise, people, facilities and creativity to make each and every occasion extra special.

Playing host to spacious state-of-the-art conference halls and rooms which are ideal for a variety of business or leisure functions, we make it our business to ensure your event is a huge success. It could be an international conference, a company summit, a high profile product launch or – away from work – it might be a family celebration, a beachfront wedding or a social get together. Whatever it is, we have the skills and experience to make it truly memorable.

Add in luxury accommodation, 5 Star customer service and bespoke catering and you have everything needed to make us your go-to destination of choice. We will not only meet your expectations, we’ll exceed them, in the most perfect of locations.

Coral Board Room

A place to do business

An executive setting of the highest order, the Coral Board Room accommodates up to 14 people in a luxurious setting fit for any high powered organization.

Ideal for companies executives seeking an off-site location when making the big decisions, the facility is supported by a free high speed internet connection and the very latest audio visual presentation equipment. Coffee & espresso machines are readily available to add to the comfort levels.

Shaza Banquet Room

A wonderful setting for great events

Classy and elegant, the Shaza Banquet Room is a superb space for business gatherings or private parties with a capacity for up to 250 people. Whether you’re seeking to convey key corporate messages or celebrating a social event, our big screen, private theater gives you the perfect canvas to project your thoughts and images.

The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art sound and visual technology as well as a complimentary high speed internet connection. Shaza is always in demand and is very popular with business delegates as well as those attending family and social functions.

Catering can be tailored to suit your exact needs.

Saray Banquets Hall

Spacious and spectacular

Spectacular and incredibly spacious this is “the” place for a lavish indoor event! With its eye-catching ‘tent effect’ ceiling and super stylish grand interior, Saray can accommodate up to 1200 guests.

A sophisticated lighting system helps contribute to the ambience of any occasion. Saray has its own private theater screen and comes fully equipped with state-of-the art audio visual technology, a complimentary high speed internet connection and full air conditioning.

Versatile to meet any specific requirements, the hall can be divided to separate men and women at any given event and a catering package can be tailored to suit your exact needs.

Marina Plaza – Outdoor

Big is definitely beautiful

When it comes to hosting an event on a grand scale and making a huge impression, there’s nowhere better than the Marina Plaza. It’s hard to imagine a more attractive setting than the stunning panoramic views offered by an Arabian skyline over the seascape of Half Moon Bay.

The outdoor plaza can host a staggering 2,500 guests at an event any one time – by far the biggest facility in Half Moon area.

With the very latest audio visual hi-tech support, the Plaza is simply the best location to deliver a memorable occasion to a large audience.